The Pandora Warranty

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Pandora WarrantyThe Pandora Warranty

By purchasing from an authorized Pandora retailer, you are protected under the Pandora Warranty Pandora will repair or replace jewelry that is damaged due to manufacturing defects free of charge for up to 1 year from the original date of purchase.

Using Counterfeit Pandora Products on Pandora Bracelets

The use of anything other than genuine Pandora jewelry on a Pandora bracelet can damage the unique threading system, and will void this Pandora warranty. Imitation Pandora products can cause serious damage to your bracelet. Pandora beads, clips, and spacers are designed solely to be used with authentic Pandora bracelets. Charms by other companies may slide easily onto your bracelet, but don’t be fooled . . . using these non-Pandora charms can cause harm to your bracelet over time as they wear unevenly on your Pandora bracelet.

We advise you to always purchase charms from an authorized Pandora retailer.

If you are concerned with the authenticity of any charms, beads, or spacers currently on your Pandora bracelet, click here for tips on how to spot a fake Pandora charm.

Visit the official Pandora Website for the full warranty.


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