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Life is Good is a New England company founded on optimism and sheer appreciation for life’s daily gifts.  Life is Good began in 1989 as an East Coast van-based operation, selling tee shirts door-to-door in college dormitories. It was a total failure, this launch by brothers Bert and John Jacobs.  After returning home from a long East Coast tour, the brothers sought inspiration for their line.  It came from a lifelong friend, Jake.  Jake soon became the iconic figure with the huge grin. He hung on their Boston apartment wall and embodied everything the brothers believed in.  The two took 48 Jake shirts to a Cambridge street fair and sold out of product by noon. Success was born!

Bert and John knew they were on to something.  What started as a two-man operation rapidly grew into a growing company with its eyes set on optimism, appreciation, and success.  Today, Jake’s infectious smile can be found in corporate stores and quality gift stores around the country.  Life is Good and its simple messages remind people to enjoy life . . . because . . .  Life is Good!