Alex and Ani, Made in America with love since 2004, this Rhode Island-based company exploded in its infancy, becoming a multi-billion dollar company in three years.  Carolyn Rafaelian, founder and creative director, was named Ernst & Young’s New England Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.  Since its inception, Alex and Ani has used recycled materials for the majority of the bracelets.


Alex and Ani Style

All recycled-metal bracelets come in either Rafaelian Gold Finish or Rafaelian Silver Finish.  This one-of-a-kind jewelry line allows you to wear both finishes together to achieve a unique and vintage look.

Combine GOld and Silver

Adding color can dramatically change your look.  By mixing colors and adding beaded bangles, you are able to go for a soft look that blends with your staple items.  Or go bold and beautiful!  Alex and Ani has a large collection of styles available in several color options to match your mood, your style, the season, your favorite color, or the color of the dress you are wearing.

Kindred Cords
 Kindred Cords: Alex and Ani’s cord bracelet line is full of cute and flexible options. Featuring hobbies and symbols that connect right to your life, kindred cords make the perfect gift for anyone, even yourself! The cord allows for a flexible yet snug fit. Each bracelet is one size fits all. 
Kin·dred (adjective): one’s family and friends; of a similar nature or character; sharing common interests and goals. Kindred Cord is the common thread – the link that connects us on our life’s path.

Alex and Ani Chain Station
Chain Station: Make your way to the new Chain Station. Fill your chain with the charms that represent you, then arrange them to your liking. Wear your initial, your birthstone, a core charm, a precious metal symbol, or a Swarovski crystal; mix and match for a fun effect. Just the way you wear your bracelets in different combinations, you can swap out which charms you wear each day (as though you’re always wearing a new necklace!). Chains are adjustable up to 32”, and the beads can be moved around to allow you to further personalize where charms appear on your necklace. Wear a few necklaces at once, with various charms on each, to achieve the layering effect.

Annie’s Thoughts:

  • Try mixing and matching gold and silver tones for a unique and trendy look.
  • Do not use jewelry cleaners on Alex and Ani as they often contain abrasives.
  • Use a polishing cloth on Precious Metal pieces.
  • Clean bracelets with lukewarm water and a small amount of dish soap (we recommend Dawn), rinse and gently towel dry. Full Care Instructions, click here.
  • Pairs well with Pandora bracelets to create unique dimension and contrast.

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