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Costume Jewelry

Better costume jewelry (i.e. cheap jewelry) affords you the ability to change up your look often – – without breaking the bank.  Here at Annie’s Baldoria we not only strive to find the current trend in jewelry, but also to find jewelry that fits the budget and needs of every fashionista.



As we all know, life has its highs and lows. Without one, we could not appreciate the other. The lokai bracelet was created in 2013 by Steven Izen, who was going through a tough time and finding it difficult to weigh the challenges in his life with happiness. When he was a freshman at Cornlokai on graniteell University, Steven found out his grandfather had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. He felt helpless, knowing he would have to sit back and watch his Papa’s mental faculties and body slowly deteriorate. He began to reflect on this heartbreaking news, and wondered how some parts of his life could feel so aligned, while others were so broken.

In trying to find a way to cope, Steven was drawn to the Earth’s natural sensibility of highs and lows, and was determined to create a tangible reminder to find balance — something that would encourage people to stay humble during life’s peaks and hopeful during its low points. Nearly three years later, the lokai bracelet was born. The name “lokai” was inspired by the Hawaiian word “lokahi,” which means “unity” and “to blend opposites.” Lokai refers to our unique pursuit of finding a mental balance.

The lokai bracelet is infused with elements sourced from the highest and lowest points on Earth: Water from
Mt. Everest is captured in the white ball, and mud from the Dead Sea is held in the black ball. They are placed at opposite ends of the bracelet linked with a string of clear beads, signifying that throughout life’s circular journey, your path is your own.

You may see successes in some areas of your life and setbacks in others. Wear your lokai to remember to strive for a balanced life and to enjoy your story along the way. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination.

lokai card open


DaVinciDaVinci - Costume Jewelry in Salem, NH

DaVinci Beads are unique, fun, colorful, and expressive.  These European-style charms allow you to create sentimental works of art that represent your individuality.  Create bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for every occasion, for every color in your wardrobe.  Commemorate a trip, celebrate a birthday, remember someone special.  Davinci Beads are rhodium-plated to prevent tarnishing.  A vibrant collection and one of the best-selling costume jewelry lines in the industry.


Forever in My Heartforever in my heart locket

Show off what holds a special place in your heart with charms you choose from the Forever in My Heart Collection.  Create a sentimental necklace or keychain with well-priced charms that represent your life story – or that of someone else.  With charms that represent children, birthdays, sports, religion, and a myriad of hobbies, Forever in My Heart ensures that your creation is as special and unique as you are.  Great for Mother’s Day from the kids to Mom or Auntie or Grandma.  A meaningful Thank You for a special teacher.  A locket of memories for the person who treasures good times.



GingerSnapsMix up your style with Ginger Snaps, the unique interchangeable jewelry featuring button-like charms that snap in and out of bracelets, rings, sandals, and handbags.   Jewelry that houses one, three, or five Snaps has endless possibilities: cools greens and blues today, warm pinks and purples tomorrow.  With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, Ginger Snaps is reasonably priced jewelry that allows you to change colors and styles . . .in a Snap! 

GingerSnapsGinger Snaps are silver plated and can be cleaned with a dry polishing cloth.  While the manufacturer tells us that tarnishing may naturally occur over time, our experience over the past five years is that . . . tarnishing does not happen.  To prolong the life of your jewelry, avoid using liquid jewelry cleaners (these commercial cleaners tend to strip the plating away, causing permanent damage).  We suggest you do not submerse Ginger Snaps in water.  Never wear Gingersnaps (or any other costume or fine jewelry) in a pool or spa.






Lenny and Eva

Lenny and Eva was founded by a teacher with a vision and passion for unique jewelry making.  Since 2009, founder Kellie Fitzpatrick has worked with her team of 11 talented individuals to bring her business out of her kitchen and into thousands of retailers worldwide.  Made in the USA and based out of Baxter, Tennessee, Lenny and Eva gained popularity for the unique designs and interchangeability of their cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.  With Lenny and Eva, your collection is your story that you share with the world . . . create yours today.





my-saint-my-hero-braceletMy Saint My Hero was founded not as a company, but as a mission to make the world a better place while spreading the love of God and His saints and angels.  Founded in 2006, My Saint My Hero was inspired through prayer during travel in Italy.

Each bracelet features stunning images of Saints created by artists worldwide from Vatican City to Uganda.  Wear the beautiful My Saint My Hero bracelets to embrace faith, purpose, and God’s love.