Cleaning your Real Deal Hat

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Real Deal Brazil

Cleaning your Real Deal Hat*

Some folks don’t clean their Real Deal Hat.  Ever.  After all, doesn’t a little extra road dirt just add more character?  Hey, that’s fine by us if that’s fine by you (and, of course, with the people you share your personal space with).

If however, you like to keep sweat and ripeness in check, cleaning your recycled tarp Real Deal Hat is pretty simple.  If you’re in a bind and need rapid relief, spray your hat with a garden hose, then shake your hat vigorously to get the excess water out.  Wear it or set it in the sun to air-dry.

If you like to use soap now and then, hand wash your hat by filling a sink with warm water.  Add just enough laundry detergent or plain dish soap to work up some suds; swirl your hat in the sink, rinse and set it aside to air-dry.

Want to keep your hat around for a few more years?  Don’t put it in the washer or the dryer.

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