Cleaning Vera Bradley

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Vera Bradley’s fun and whimsical colors and patterns are trademarks of the line.  Proper care will ensure that the colors stay vibrant.  Cleaning Vera Bradley is easy.

First, get to know your Vera.  Many pieces have cardboard inserts that we do not want to machine wash.  Check your piece for these inserts and remove them before washing if able to do so.

Note: Some of the smaller items such as wallets and wristlets have inserts that cannot be removed.  These items can only be spot cleaned.

Spot Cleaning – For pieces with cardboard inserts, leather trim or for small stains

  • Use a damp, white washcloth or towel with warm water and a laundry stain remover.  Gently rub in small areas and allow to air dry.
  • Stain Remover Pens are great for small spots!

Machine Washing your Vera Bradley
If your bag is free from cardboard inserts and has no leather trim, it is usually safe to machine wash it.

  • Flip your Vera bag inside out and remove all of the small bits and pieces that may collect at the bottom.
  • Use laundry spot remover on any noticeable stains on the outer bag without saturating the area.
  • Put your bag into the washing machine on the gentle cycle and with cold water.  We recommend detergent made for cotton fabric, not for delicates.
  • Reshape the bag and hang on a clothes hanger to allow it to air dry thoroughly.  Once completely dry, re-insert the cardboard inserts to help the bag keep its shape.

Still have questions about washing your Vera Bradley?  Click on the link to the Vera Bradley website, where you can look up your individual piece.  You will find instructions on how to wash each bag by style.



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